Behati Prinsloo On The Cover Of Departures Magazine

She talks about her love for Africa and its animals

By  | Aug 22, 2019, 10:55 AM

Namibian model Behati Prinsloo has been very vocal about her love for animals and nature especially from her home country Namibia. Specifically her passion lies on the animals and conserving nature. The model is featured in the 30th anniversary cover for Departures Magazine. On the cover she is with Dereck Joubert and together they share their love for nature and Africa's diverse animal species.

Currently residing in the US, she regularly partakes in initiatives that focus on conserving the animals and nature, such as Save The Rhino Namibia. She is the brand ambassador for Save The Rhino Namibia Initiative and has tagged them in the post too.

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30th anniversary cover

Dereck Joubert is an award-winning conservation filmmaker who focuses on African wildlife and active conservation projects. His work is highly recognized for documenting and capturing Africa's most prized possession, the animals.

However, there is mixed emotions over the cover in particular as Behati is posing in leather which is known to be animal skin. People do not get how she can talk about preserving Africa's nature, but also wear the animals skin. It has been associated with animal cruelty.

These are some of the comments:

manuelamarica: 'But still wearing an animal’s skin just for the sake of fashion.... ain’t fair, ethical or resonating with what you stand for !'

beatriz_recargada: 'Leather jacket????'😭😭
However, many other people are supporting her and applauding her for using her platform for change and betterment of nature.

Here are the comments:

roglcone: 'Tens of thousands tell you that you are a beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy woman. Of course, that’s all very true but there’s more to you. You love family and friends. You use your “status” as a supermodel to do good things. We are lucky to have your voice making a difference! Thank you!!'🌹🌹🌹👸😍

Another one said...

claudia_grill: 'Its very important that people like you used your fame for activities like this, congratulations.'

Behati has been a proud ambassador for animal rights and protecting them, especially the Namibian Rhinos that are on the verge of extinction. Despite the misunderstanding for her usage of leather, her commitment is undoubtedly very active.

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Main image credit: Instagram