Top 5 richest celebrities in Namibia

From musicians to models... we look at the richest celebs in Namibia!

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It is not always possible to mix business with pleasure, but these stars have managed to use what they enjoy doing to put money on the table and make them rich. 

Let us have a look at stars whose careers have made them rich... 

Behati Prinsloo

The beautiful Behati Prinsloo is one of Namibia’s richest celebrities. Although she is based in Los Angeles, USA, she is originally from Namibia.
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Behati started her modelling career at the tender age of 16 as a Victoria Secret model. 

In 2008, she became the first Victoria Secret pink contract model, and in 2009 she became Victoria's Secret angel. 

She went to grace the top magazine covers in the world, including - Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, i_D, Departures, France, Elle Italia, Muse, and Velvet.

Her net worth is estimated at 9 million dollars. 

She and her husband own a Pacific Palisades house worth $32 million. Their cars include - Porsche 911 Targa, Cadillac escalade, Skoda Octavia Wagon and MG Roadster. 

Luis Munana 

Luis Manana is a popular name in Africa. He is by far the most successful male model from Namibia. Luis has graced catwalks in London and USA.

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He is also a beauty with brains -owning several businesses around the African continent. 

He is the founder of Voigush media. The company deals with television, models, print publishing, social media for corporate companies and Public Relation.

He is also the founder of a television show called - Voigush Africa. The show is focused on lifestyle, fashion and entertainment.

Another media business he owns is Voigush Magazine.  The magazine is not only based in Namibia, but covers content from Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe South Africa, and Nigeria.
The Waka Waka Moo TV show is another business founded by Luis. The successful kiddies show is broadcasted in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. It is a puppet show that is also educational.

Luis Munana's net worth will reportedly reach an estimated lUS$200 million in the near future.

Dillish Mathews 

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Dillish Mathews is a model, actress and a business lady. 

 Her net worth is believed to be at 2.5 million dollars.
She has several businesses under her belt, apart from her modelling career. 
Her first business, High Definition Hair Spa, was started when Dillish was still studying in university. It is a business that provides hair products to salons. 
The second business is Dillish Cool Cubes. The business delivers ice cubes all around Namibia. 
 She also runs a fine dining restaurant called Bolster were the who's who in the entertainment industry comes for good food.

Michelle McLean

Namibia’s first model to win the Miss Universe pageant, Michelle McLean, is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million. 

After winning Miss Universe, Behati used her crown to help her make a difference in the lives of many through her business initiatives, that have also brought her money. She built a school, which has been named after herself. The McLean Primary school is based in Namibia and was started in 2000.

She also has a motivational speaking business, where she gives advice based on the theme ‘Success Under Pressure’. Having dealt with the pressure of being Miss Universe, a TV presenter, a wife and mom, Behati knows how to best cope under pressure. She has been booked in different corners of the world, including Africa, Europe and the United States to encourage people. 

Her television career, which started shortly after being crowned Miss Universe, has also helped Michelle make lots of money. She had several shows on M-Net. 

Apart from all these businesses, she is also an emcee for corporate events.  

King Tee Dee

King Tee Dee, is a big star in Namibia. His music makes him a lot of money. He has 11 albums and is the highest-selling artist in Namibia. He has sold millions of copies and won him countless awards. It has also placed him as an A-lister on some of Africa’s biggest music concerts. 

The star is one of those who have been fortunate enough to work with the president of Namibian. 

He is a health ambassador for the Smart Cut campaign. The campaign is a government initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of male circumcision.

His endorsement also includes being an ambassador for one of the biggest car brands, Range Rover. 

King Tee Dee’s clothing brand, Mshasho, is selling in big stores in Namibia. He also has plans to see it selling in Edgars stores worldwide. It produces male and female clothes. 

All these businesses that King Tee Dee has, including his music gives him a net worth of R1 million.   
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The ‘Misunderstood’ hitmaker is a winner of several awards. He is also one of the top five most-selling Namibian kwaito singers.
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His net worth is estimated at $5 Million. 

Gazza is an ambassador for education in Namibia. He is also UNIC Windhoek ambassador. His work as an ambassador includes encouraging citizens to save water and take 5-minute showers. 

His mineral water, G-Fresh, is doing well. He also owns a clothing line.

These celebs are making sure their bank accounts are always filled to the brim.

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